Our one reason for existence is to prevent and alleviate the stresses of purchasing a dash camera. All the hassle of picking and choosing, down to a handful of the best dash cameras on the market. Feel confident that you’re in the right hands and you have a reliable witness on your side, by purchasing through DASHOTO.

How can I know which one will work to my standards?

We take the guess work out of each model we carry and test them extensively with our own cars. We then summarise what each dash cameras strengths are to effectively fit your needs. We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that each new firmware update benefits the customers that are using them.

Will I even have evidence in the event of a car accident?

Every incident is different, and a variety of things can happen in an accident. We mitigate the risk of being left empty handed, by only providing cameras worthy of the following:

- Driving Accidents
- Parking Accidents
- Insurance Fraud
- Witnessing a Crime
- Capturing a Road Trip
- Seeing the unexpected
- Night Time Recording

What happens if my dash camera doesn’t work or breaks down after a while?

If at any time there is an issue with your camera, you can come straight to us. Our contact page is available 24/7 in case you have an inquiry or question. We handle all warranties, so that you do not have to deal with overseas manufacturers. Since the dash cameras are mostly used on the other sides of the world, you can imagine that the best ones are also sourced from there. We make the hassle of dealing with manufacturers much simpler. Give us a call or send us an email to info@dashoto.com and we will get a technical support staff to help you right away.