How to format your SD card using PC or MAC

It’s important to advise that before you go to format your SD card, you may want to back up any files from your SD card to your computer first.


A lot of dash cams will have dedicated computer software that will allow you to format your memory card within the software and when possible you should try to format within the dedicated software. 

Some dash cams allow you to format right from the camera itself or through it’s dedicated iOS/Android app.

When formatting the SD card for dash cam firmware purposes, we suggest using a computer.


Using PC: 

Connect your SD card to your PC using your SD card reader.

Open your “My Computer” folder and look under “Devices with Removable Storage” and you should see your SD card.

Right click on your SD card and select “Format” to view the formatting options.

You will want to make sure that the File System is set to FAT32, which is what it should be set to by default.

Click the start button and you should have a successfully formatted SD card.


Using Mac:

Connect your SD card to your Mac using your SD card reader.

Open Launchpad and open the “Other” folder and open “Disc Utility”

You should see an external USB drive, click on it select “Erase” from near the top.

Upon clicking erase you will be prompted to name the device and select the format, you will want to select MS-DOS (FAT) and select the “Erase” button to proceed with formatting your SD card.