How do you Install a Dash Cam?

Dash cameras can be installed in various different ways.

There are 1-channel and 2-channel cameras, the latter needing a little more work to get a clean installation.

Hardwiring is a must for Parking Mode. You won't need to be a mechanic to do this, but you must be patient and have a knack for DIY!

Hardwiring will be quick and easy, but you will need patience to hide the wiring into the trim of the vehicle. 


These can be installed different ways:


1. Plug and Play

This will involve only hiding the cables in the weather stripping and trim in your vehicle. For power, you'll only need to plug into your cigarette lighter adapter. Ensure your cigarette adapter is not "always on", otherwise you risk draining your vehicle's battery after extended parking time.

This method will typically NOT enable parking mode, but is the simplest to install.


2. Hardwire Kits

This is the most economic way to enable parking mode on your camera. This adapts the power from your vehicle's battery to run your camera while your vehicle's parked. All proper hardwiring kits/units will include some kind of voltage cut-off to inhibit draining your vehicle's battery, and will shut off the camera when necessary or the intended voltage is reached.

Hardwiring will typically involve your camera's respective hardwiring kit, and 3 connection points: 

- Ground (a Chassis mounted bolt, needs to unpainted)

- Accessory (Switched) Power

- Constant (Always-On) Power

A typical hardwiring process will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

A circuit checker or voltmeter is required to find both the ACC and Constant fuses, and a socket wrench for the grounding connection.

This will wire directly to your vehicle's fuse panel.


Power Magic Pro


3. Auxiliary Power

Some manufacturers have external battery packs, which can be wired and placed in the vehicle. These are typically very low-profile relative to your vehicle battery. These only charge when your vehicle is running, and will avoid using your vehicle's battery at all.

This it the best option for enabling parking mode; giving you the most parking recording time, and keeping your car's battery longevity, albeit being the most expensive.