Firmware Updates

Why you should check for firmware updates periodically.


In the age of technology, there are consistent firmware updates for most of the devices you use on a daily basis, dash cams are no exception. 

In the article, we’ll discuss the benefits of keeping your dash cam firmware up to date and how to install them because it can be important to keep your devices updated as the manufacturer may release a new version to fix existing bugs or even add new features.

 Unlike an application on your mobile device or computer, updates don’t happen automatically and you may not even be notified.

So it’s a good idea to check every couple of months.


Let’s go over how to check if there’s an update for your device.

Now this will all be dependent on which dash cam you have but it should be similar straight across the board.

Check the support section of your dash cams manufacturer, there should be a downloads section where you can choose your model and it will tell you what the latest firmware is and when it was released.

You can find links to Blackvue and Thinkware download pages by looking at the related articles near the left of the article.

Once you have figured out if there’s an update for your device, go ahead and download it.


If you have a dash cam that has an iOS or Android app, you may be able to do this from the app, however, we advise to use a computer.

It’s not uncommon for there to be issues when trying to do a firmware update through your mobile device, such as the install failing due to a wireless connection issue between your phone and the dash cam.

Besides, it’s important to back up any video footage you have on your memory card as the SD card will get formatted during the update.


Now that you have downloaded the update to your computer, you’ll have to unzip the file you just downloaded to be able to copy the new firmware to your SD card but before we do that you’ll have to format the SD card to PC: FAT32 / Mac: MS-DOS (FAT).


Once your SD card is formatted you can copy the new firmware you unzipped from the download, into the empty SD card and after that, it’s time to put the microSD card back into your dash cam to complete the update.


Once you’ve put the card back in, go ahead and power up your dash cam and allow the camera to run through the update.

Your camera will reboot after it’s installed the update and should let you know that it’s finished and ready to start recording!