Thinkware Download Links

You can find all of the download links for the Thinkware F800 Pro and F770 at this link:


Once on Thinkware's download page, you will see multiple folders categorized by "F-Series, X-Series, and H-Series".

Both the F800 Pro and F770 fall under the F-Series section.

You will see a folder labeled F800Pro and one labeled F700, once you click on the icon for your dash cam it will open up and give you a choice to download the following:

Within each folder is a download link for the specified file.
Thinkware Cloud Mobile App:
Please note, there are two different Thinkware apps.
One is called Thinkware Cloud and is used for Thinkware's newer models.
The other is called Thinkware Dashcam Viewer and is used for Thinkware's older models.
If you have trouble with the mobile app connecting to your F800 Pro or F770, please ensure you have the Thinkware Cloud app and not the Thinkware Dashcam Viewer installed.