Police Impressed With This Hit & Run Footage

Police Impressed With This Hit & Run Footage


BlackVue’s invaluable input cannot be dismissed in hit & run cases like this one!

We received this BlackVue DR900S-2CH footage from an anonymous BlackVue user, who parked his car near the place he worked at. After he came back, he noticed a huge scratch to the front fender (and no note left). He immediately checked the footage via Wi-Fi, and quickly found the incident.

After that, he notified the police to file the incident report – and the police were pretty impressed by the sheer volume of the information provided despite it being a hit & run – the BlackVue user got the license plate, the culprit’s face and the company’s name as well! The damage was estimated at $4,191.80, which was paid in full by the other party’s insurance. They also provided the cost for the rental.

After the incident the BlackVue user made sure to recommend BlackVue dashcams to several friends, who ended up purchasing their own units!

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