Parked Car Gets “Monster Trucked”

Parked Car Gets “Monster Trucked”


This particularly crazy collision video was sent to us by BlackVue user John.

John left his car not even 20 minutes before the events caught by his BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam unfolded.

A car, coming up from down the street, literally rammed into John’s parked vehicle, despite the street being completely empty. There were no other obstacles on the road.

John’s wife heard the crash and they were able to catch the culprit red handed, getting her license & insurance details.

John’s DR900S-2CH was recording in Parking Mode thanks to the Power Magic Ultra Battery he had added to the setup. For Parking Mode, he chose the Time Lapse feature, which allows for 30 times longer recording time. In cases of an Event like this one, BlackVue switches to regular Event recording, including the 5-6 seconds before the impact. That’s how John was able to c apture this accident.

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