Multiple Hit And Run, Rampage And Cars Wrecked

Multiple Hit And Run, Rampage And Cars Wrecked



The story is as crazy and unbelievable as the footage BlackVue user Markus G. sent us.

In the video you can see Markus himself crossing the street to get to his parked car, his 2-year old son in his arms. Just as he got to the sidewalk, a pick up truck blasted from around the corner, crashing into Markus’ car, and missing him and his son by mere three feet!

The truck proceeded to crash into another vehicle parked down the road, losing its front right wheel and then continuing on three wheels, sparks flying everywhere.
That wasn’t the end – the truck plowed through a car wash and only then stopped in a dead-end parking lot, where the sheriffs found him.

The story gets even crazier here.

Apparently, he not only barely missed Markus and his child, but also an 8-month pregnant woman, and was also on a run after clipping a bicyclist a block away from where the events in the video unfolded. Thankfully, the police had the culprit in custody in no time. We are glad Markus, his son and the woman are all okay.

Everything was recorded by the BlackVue DR750S-2CH (front & rear) dashcam installed in Markus’ car.