Loose Tire On The Road

Loose Tire On The Road


Here’s an unusual video we received from a BlackVue Customer Laura.

Laura’s daughter was driving their family car alone when an airborne loose tire hit the front of the vehicle.

“Someone’s car (notice disabled green car w/ guy standing on side of road) apparently lost a wheel, which rolled off up the road, was kicked up by a truck, became airborne, and hit the front of our car!!!” said Laura.

Thankfully, although the car had to be towed, nobody was hurt, just slightly shaken up.

Laura continued, “We are SO very thankful for our Blackvue dashcams that we had just installed in all of our family cars in the past couple months. This dashcam helped prove exactly what had happened with this accident today, as we had no idea how it even occurred! Thank you, Blackvue!!!!! We are sold on your dashcams, and will tell everyone we know about them!!!”