Hit & Run Discovered Days Later Thanks To #CaughtOnBlackVue

Hit & Run Discovered Days Later Thanks To #CaughtOnBlackVue


Hit & runs happen. Sadly, they are more frequent that one would think.

BlackVue user who prefers to stay anonymous sent us this video of a pretty bold hit & run he experienced.

A red truck backed into his car, and the driver and his friend decided to shrug it off and calmly leave the scene. BlackVue user actually didn’t notice the damage until a few later. Fortunately, his BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam was recording in Parking Mode, saving the file as Event File.

You can lock the event files so that they don’t get overwritten when the memory card is full – and that’s exactly what happened in his case! The BlackVue user was easily able check who damaged his car.

And you? Don’t wait until something happens. Get your dashcam today!