Driver Fails To Yield, Causes Accident

Driver Fails To Yield, Causes Accident


We received this footage and testimonial from BlackVue DR900S-2CH user Kevin.

Here’s what Kevin told us.

“As a proud owner of a brand new Chevy Silverado High Country pickup truck, I wanted the best in a dashcam.  After only a few weeks and 2400 miles, a driver failed to yield from a Stop sign.
In rural Texas, small towns like Bartlett might have only one traffic light – and fewer witnesses.
Enter Blackvue.
My witness, my hero.
Initially, the other driver tried to blame me. If she had a passenger in the car, her story could have been very different from the truth. As soon as I mentioned dashcam, she knew she was defeated. The responding Officer also stated he wished more drivers had a dashcam in their vehicles. Thank you Blackvue for your service!”

You never know when dashcam footage may come in handy – even living in a small town, situations like this one can happen and dashcam footage becomes crucial evidence.

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