4 Videos That Prove Your Vehicle Needs A Dash Cam

Buying a dash cam can sometimes be an awkward affair. It’s one of those purchases that you make, hoping you won’t ever have to use it. It’s something that you’ll regret not buying if you ever get into an accident. Over here in North America, dash cams have been gaining popularity but they’re still not as common as in Europe.

Having said that, if you still aren’t convinced that a dash cam is worth your time, maybe these videos can change your mind. Here are some dash cam videos that you have to see to believe. Some are accidents and some are just crazy coincidences, but once you’re done with this article, you’ll definitely need to take a look at all the selections!

Driver Rolls Back Into Pick Up Truck

This video is a prime example of why a dash cam is so useful. In the video, the driver of the pick-up truck rolls to a stoplight where several cars are waiting for it to turn green. The driver in front of him lets go of the brakes and her car slowly rolls back until it hits his pickup.

The cherry on top of this entire situation is that the female driver in front blames the pickup for rolling and crashing into her. The pickup knows that he’s in the right though, so he ends up showing her the footage to prove he’s not at fault. Without the dash cam, the pickup would’ve had a hard time proving that he wasn’t at fault, especially since he’s the driver in the rear in this situation. For a lot of countries, the vehicle in the back of an accident is usually 100% at fault unless they have proof that they were not the guilty party.

There’s also a lesson in dealing with insurance fraud here too, as the female driver ends up calling her insurance agency to file a claim against the pickup. Luckily for him, with the evidence that his dash cam was able to capture, he is safe from any claim or price hike. This entire situation could’ve gone south if he didn’t have a way of proving his innocence.

Motorcyclist Becomes A Ninja After Getting Hit At An Intersection

This one’s pretty terrifying, especially if you’re a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist is waiting at a stoplight and as it turns green, he slowly accelerates. From the left, a driver rushes past the red light and rams straight into the motorcyclist.

Miraculously, the motorcyclist does a flip and lands on his feet, though he’s visibly shaken by the crash. It isn’t until a few seconds later that it’s clear he’s in pain from the crash. This is particularly frightening, especially since the driver was going so fast. Luckily for the motorcyclist, he had a dashcam installed on his helmet so that it’s clear that he didn’t run a red light or anything.

Driver Gets T-Boned At Intersection

Despite what you might think about the driver in this video, everything he was doing was still completely legal.

So in the video, the driver, seeing that the light was turning to yellow but knowing that he was too close to stop safely, accelerated a little to get across the road before the light fully turned red. The problem comes when another driver runs the red light from his right, crashing into his vehicle. If not for this footage, the case would become a he-said-she-said type of case, which would make it difficult for this driver to defend his position.

Dash Cam Catches SpaceX Launch And A Car Crash

The driver in this clip catches a rare glimpse of the SpaceX launch near Bakersfield in 2017. As the entire highway starts to slow down to catch this momentous occasion, a 3-car crash occurs right next to the driver.

Now this one isn’t so much a tale about a dash cam’s usefulness in an accident since the driver wasn’t involved in what happened, but it is proof that a dash cam is useful in a lot of different situations. If he didn’t have the dash cam on, he probably would’ve missed the entire SpaceX launch.

A dash cam is more than just a tool to protect your vehicle, though that is its main function. A dash cam can capture a ton of memories and incredible coincidences that happen on the road. If you haven’t gotten one yet, now’s the time to pick one up!