VIOFO A129 Review | The

VIOFO A129 Review | The "Dollar for Dollar" King of Dash Cameras

In a market full of 2 channel dash cameras, we were waiting for VIOFO’s answer to that corner of the market.

The A129 is VIOFO’s solution to the 2 channel dash camera. Featuring a front and rear Sony STARVIS sensor, we’re sure that this will perform in low-light settings. The A129 brings new features and an updated body style to modernize their look for 2018.



Build Quality 4.0/5

The front camera feels great. It has some weight to it, that asserts a quality feeling. The buttons and rotation of the unit are easy to find and use. The display is no longer recessed into the unit, and is now flat and level with the rest of the A129, commanding a discrete look.

The rear camera plastic seems to have a different feel and is void of any premium feel. That being said, it’s extremely small and tucks away quite nicely.

The cables and mounting equipment are great and are extremely durable. These should last a long time.

Design 4.0/5

The updated design is a welcome addition. It’s a great look for the camera, and keeps it very discreet when mounted in the front windshield.

In the older A119, it would always bug me that the mount would always unlatch by lifting the camera up, thus needing more clearance from the top of the windshield to actually unhook the camera. The A129 fixes this by sliding off to the side. This makes for an even more stealthy installation, and allows the mount and wiring to be right up to the headliner.

It’s also great that the power cable wiring can be plugged in directly to the GPS mount, keeping wiring flat and unnoticeable against the windshield. The rear camera connecting cable also features a 90° plug. The included cigarette lighter adapter also has an extra USB port for charging your accessories, in case you don’t plan on hardwiring your unit.

Performance 4.5/5

With dual STARVIS sensors, low light recording is spectacular, showing detail in even the darkest corners of our footage. We found that the automatic exposure worked very quickly when driving in and out of tunnels, and compensated very well for reflections (such as license plates) from headlights, much better than most dash cameras out there.

WiFi performance is where this unit really shines. We saw very minimal delay in playback over WiFi (which can’t be said about most cameras on the market), and downloading a 100mb video to our iPhone only took 31 seconds!

A note about this: make sure you force 5GHz WiFi. The camera likes to default to 2.4GHz.

Software 4/5

The A129 is a straight-forward camera; you set it and forget it. Software was easy to use before on the it’s predecessor, the A119, and now it’s even easier with the addition of WiFi.

The WiFi application is easy to use without any complications. We do, however, wish the file structure/organization was easier to manipulate. We found that we missed seeing recording search filters such as Front/Rear/Date/Time. To find the date, you’ll need to actually go into the video to find the video you need.

Parking mode has just been added, but we are in the process of testing this feature. Teaser: There is no pre-buffered recording, but motion detection on it’s own works just fine.

Price Point 5/5

With all of premium features and sensors, the price point for the A129 is astounding. Most 1 channel solutions are still not as cheap as the A129.


The VIOFO A129 features the absolute quickest WiFi we’ve ever tested, and also recording quality that rivals the rest of the market right now. It’s no 4K performer still, but the sharpness it achieves out of a 1080P sensor is still amazing.

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