Thinkware F800 PRO Review

Thinkware F800 PRO Review

The F800 PRO is the newest addition in Thinkware's lineup of top of the line dash cameras. It comes with just the front camera, but with the option of adding on a rear camera and hardwiring kit.

Now equipped with STARVIS imaging sensors in both front and rear, we expect a pretty high level of recording quality.




The housing of the camera feels great, and feels sturdy. The camera, compared to it's predecessors, is now entirely black, minus the silver trim around the lens. This keeps for a stealthy look, which was a concern for owners of the F770.

When mounted in the vehicle, the unit barely looks like a dash camera at all (especially alongside the plethora of vehicle electronics on the front windshield nowadays- front radar, light sensors, rain sensors, etc.)

Installation does take more time compared to other cameras, due to the thick wiring. We did have to take some extra time to get a nice, clean installation.


Daylight recordings are nothing out of the ordinary, and were extremely similar to the F770's. The only difference we saw was slightly warmer colors. Otherwise, sharpness and contrast seem the same when put under different lighting conditions.

Low light recordings are really where the F800 PRO shines. The STARVIS sensors do help quite a bit.

Images are brighter at night than most cameras we've tested, and keep a high amount of clarity, without overexposing whites (especially from reflective license plates). 

We would like to see a software tweak to increase the sharpness. 


The F800 does come with a new application: "Thinkware Cloud". 

The application looks great, and ran extremely smoothly for us. We did find it odd that the camera stops recording while using the live view and also compresses/drops the quality in the live view at the same time. We would understand if the live view running in FHD needed recording to stop, but the camera only streams a ~360P video in the Live View function. 

Another addition to the F800 PRO is the hotspot connection, rather than the direct WiFi connection. This is great, as it allows you to keep your phone connected to the F800 PRO's WiFi network, while still giving you a full mobile data connection on your phone. The Thinkware is the only unit at this time to have this function. 

Where we really start to question the F800, is the Cloud capability, as we haven't really seen much useable "Cloud" functionality. We weren't really able to connect to a proper WiFi hotspot, and even when we did, there was no real world use to it. There isn't even an option to view a Live View over the air.


The built quality is great, although it does have a light and airy feel to the unit. 

We found that using mini USB for the rear camera is great, and cuts down on any rear camera connectivity issues. The downside of this is that the USB rubber shielding is extremely thick, which took more time and patience to get a stealthy installation.

The physical buttons on the unit are made of a gloss ABS plastic material, which we found was too tactile, and cheap feeling.

There are also small LED lights on the unit that you do not have the option to turn off via the settings. We opted to cover these up with some electrical tape.

The hardwiring kit is great, as the voltage cutoff capabilities are built into the camera, and can be toggled via the WiFi application. 




The F800 PRO is a great camera, at the highest price point in it's category. 

If the low light/night recordings are the most important factors in a dash camera for you, then the F800 PRO is the one to get.

If you're looking for Cloud capability, look elsewhere.