Which BlackVue Dashcams Are Cloud-compatible?

Which BlackVue Dashcams Are Cloud-compatible?

With BlackVue Over the Cloud now active for close to 4 years and an ever-expanding range of dashcams, it is easy to lose track of which models are Cloud-compatible. 



Does Wi-Fi mean Cloud-compatible?



This is where users commonly get confused. So far all Cloud models use Wi-Fi to connect to the Cloud. However, not all Wi-Fi dashcams support Cloud connectivity. 
It is one thing for a dashcam to establish a direct connection with a phone. It is another to do so while also being connected via Wi-Fi to a Cloud server. 
Simply put, not all Wi-Fi modules are made equal. Some support Cloud connectivity and others don’t.



Specifically, the DR590W Series—DR590W-1CH, DR590W-2CH and DR590W-2CH IR—which support Wi-Fi, do not support the Cloud.



The older DR750LW-2CH (L for LCD and W for Wi-Fi), released in 2014, also does not support the Cloud.



Full list of Cloud-compatible models

The DR750X-2CH, with embedded USIM for 4G/LTE connectivity, will roll out this year. For now, however, let’s have a look at which BlackVue models support Wi-Fi only, and which models also support  Cloud connectivity.



Dashcam Model

Direct Wi-Fi

Cloud (via Wi-Fi)

Cloud (4G/LTE)

DR750X-2CH (TBA)


DR900S Series


DR750S Series


DR590W Series


DR590 Series


DR4xx Series (DR490, 450, etc.)




DR650S Series


DR650GW Series