VIOFO Dashcams Regarded as Best Dash Cam 2020

VIOFO Dashcams Regarded as Best Dash Cam 2020

A119V3 and A129 Duo are selected as the best “bang for your buck” dash cams of Best Dash Cam 2020.

A119V3 is regarded as the best all-around camera. “It is a discreet single camera with excellent video quality, buffered parking mode, GPS, a screen, which is discreet and reliable.” A119V3 is equipped with the Sony STARVIS image sensor to achieve 1600P Quad HD+ resolution for excellent video day and night. It is the best budget dashcam 2019 and 2020 reviewed by many famous dashcam viewers like Vortex Radar, Car Cam Central.

A129 Duo is “ great value for an excellent dual camera with excellent video quality and reliable service”. VIOFO A129 Duo front and rear dashcam is the first and classic dual-channel dashcam of VIOFO. With dual channel FHD 1080P video resolution and Sony STARVIS sensor, the dashcam records clear and detailed video clips. Advanced buffered parking mode, Bluetooth remote control. Dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS Logger, 256 GB SD card capacity, all these make A129 Duo regarded as the best dual-channel dashcam 2018-2020 by media.

Other Best Dash Cam 2020


A129 Pro Duo also is ranked as “the recommended 4K dashcam with the best video quality”. A129 Pro Duo is a front and rear Ultra HD 4K + Full HD 1080P dual-channel dashcam. The real Ultra HD 4K front dashcam could achieve vivid and detail video images. License plates could be captured much more clearly. The fasted 2.4G Hz and 5G Hz Wi-Fi, advanced buffered parking mode, GPS logger as well as Bluetooth remote control also have greater performance.

A129 Duo IR is “the great rideshare (Uber/ Lyft/ Taxi) camera for its best video quality and buffered parking mode”. VIOFO A129 Duo IR is a dashcam to record the road front and inside of the cabin in a crystal-clear video quality by dual-channel Sony STARVIS sensors with 1080P resolution. With an interior infrared camera, the dashcam helps Uber/Lyft/taxi drivers record customers inside of the car.