Keep Your Auto Insurance Premiums Down With A Dashcam

Auto Insurance premiums all over the country have been rising steadily over the past five years by nearly 22%. This is primarily the result of the increasing number of accidents and size of claims. This rise in accidents could be related to the amount of careless handheld device usage in the car such as cell phones and smart watches. With auto insurance premiums rising for all drivers, a driver who makes a claim can expect a much bigger penalty than in past years. This means an average rise of 41% on your premium for just one claim, and it jumps to an average of 93% for just to two claims in one year.

The insurers aren’t raising rates for the sake of just turning more of a profit--there are rules against that. Instead, what’s been created is an auto insurance industry that’s been finding it increasingly difficult to sustain healthy profit margins.

So as a consumer what can you do to keep your rates down?

There’s not a lot you can do about the general rising premiums for all drivers but you can ensure your premiums don’t rise because of other drivers carelessness. When you’re involved in an accident there are many factors to determine a rate increase but the biggest question is always who was at fault. However proving fault can be difficult, and it’s very easy for someone at fault to claim 50/50 blame for the accident without any evidence of the crash. Many have been turning to technology to solve this problem with a solution being dash cams.

Countries including Britain, Russia and South Korea have embraced dash cams by incentiving their use with insurance discounts for having them equipped in your car. As a driver this technology is greatly beneficial for you as it provides a silent witness that can prove what driver was at fault, preventing a massive rise in your premium. The biggest sellers across these countries being the Thinkware F800PRO and the BlackVue DR750S for their reliability and parking mode feature. With the cost of a dash cam being less than a potential premium hike it makes sense why the dash cam industry has exploded in popularity in the last 5 years. 

-The Team at DashOto