Garmin 46, 56, 66W and Dash Cam Mini Announced!

Some exciting news!

Garmin has now released their new line of cameras for 2019, bringing updated sensors and a new form factor to their catalogue.

Garmin 66

We have some exciting news today-- We have our hands on the newest dash camera from Garmin. The Garmin 66 is the successor to the 65, with some added improvements.


The 66W now features a 3.7 megapixel sensor, which allows for 1440P resolution recording, versus the previous 2.1MP 1080P sensor. Support also adds 1080P @60FPS if you prefer a smoother video over a higher resolution.

Huge viewing angle at 180 degrees, makes for viewing 4 lanes of traffic easy

Same 2’’ display (Actually very helpful, and the perfect size to be discreet)

WiFi capability using Garmin’s Drive mobile application. At time of recording, the Garmin Drive application doesn’t support the camera as this is a pre-release version of the hardware.

Lane Departure Warnings - Great for the new driver in your family to keep them in line.

Voice Control -

This was our favorite feature of the previous generation of Garmin cameras, and it’s still one of our favorites in the newer camera. Voice control is GREAT for keeping distractions to a minimum when driving, while still providing accessibility for incidents, taking photos, or even starting a travelapse. Voice control just makes sense, and every camera should incorporate something like this, even at the most basic level.


Hardware stays generally the same, but Garmin has listened and has removed the copper ring around the lens for the whole lineup. You asked, and they answered! Everything still looks extremely discreet, and hides will in the windshield. If you can’t tell by the shots in this video, this thing is tiny.

To make their lineup even more appealing, Garmin also announced the Garmin Dash Cam Mini. Keep an eye out for our upcoming review for this one; this one’s for the people who don’t need a display and just need a camera with the basics.


Video quality is actually greatly improved, and is competitive in the current market. Not only is the sensor now larger, with a higher resolution, but Garmin has also added HDR to it’s lineup.

HDR does a fantastic job of keeping dynamic landscapes in check while you’re driving. We noticed this most when driving around sunset, when you’re most likely to encounter dark shadows, and bright reflections from the sun. HDR really is a huge improvement to the camera, paired along with the upped resolution.

We can’t stress enough how much HDR really helps in low light conditions, see for yourself.


Software-wise, the camera stays quite similar to it’s predecessors, without too many new added features. This is actually an advantage to us, as we’re advocates for keeping distractions down and keeping the camera discreet.

The camera still features Forward collision and lane departure warnings, and also Garmin’s red light camera and speed camera alerts. Knowing Garmin’s background with GPS, you can rest assured you’re getting some of the most accurate GPS logs and red light/speed camera alerts available.


Garmin's 2019 lineup of dash cameras are now available here: