8 Perks Of Having A DashCam

Cars are hefty investments. You’ve already sunk tens of thousands of dollars into your car, whether it’s from the car payments to the auto insurance. It’s only natural that you’d want to protect it in any way possible. That’s why drivers have begun using dashcams to protect themselves from a variety of situations.

Dashcams are not a passing fad. According to Orbis Research Group, the global dashboard camera market will grow from $2.74 billion in value in 2017 to almost $5.36 billion by 2023. This report details the dashboard cam market across different product types and tech. That means more and more people are adopting the use of dashcams in their vehicles.

But what makes them so good? Let’s take a look at the 10 perks of having a dashcam.

1. Protect Yourself With Evidence

One of the biggest benefits of having a dashcam is that you have your very own permanent eyewitness to any accidents that happen. Dashcams start recording the minute the car turns on (some even activates when there’s movement near the camera or on the car). That means that when you’re on the road and you get into an accident, you have camera footage of what really happened.

For most accidents, there’s often the concern that the case becomes a “he said, she said” type of situation. With camera footage of the actual accident, it becomes clear who’s at fault for the accident. You also don’t have to look for any witnesses who were there during the crash. Having a dashcam is an easy and affordable add-on for your car.

2. Watch Over Your Students Or Kids

Having a dashcam in your car offers you the peace-of-mind to let your kids drive without your supervision. It’s also a great tool for driving teachers to use when they’re with their students. In addition to added security, having a dashcam is a great teaching tool.

For parents, a dashcam is a perfect accessory for your vehicle if your kids drive themselves. Whether it’s driving to and from school or if it’s going out to the local mall, a dashcam can keep your kids on their best behavior since the dashcam will be recording their entire trip. It also adds an extra layer of security in the unlikely scenario of a car crash. It’s better to be prepared than to be caught unaware.

For driving teachers, having a dashcam means that you can go over a student’s driving performance from a first-person view. You can review footage of them driving and show them where they’re making mistakes. It’s an excellent educational tool that can make your students more aware and responsible.

3. Capture Your Memories

Imagine taking a road trip and forgetting your camera while you were on the road. Whoops! Thank god for dashcams though! While you’re not going to get footage from your explorations on foot, you can rest assured that your drive will be recorded for the world to see.

Nowadays, dashcams have the capability to film in 4K, depending on your model. The quality is great and some of them even record sound as well. It’s a great compromise if you’re trying to create a montage of your travels in your car. A time-lapsed video of your road trip is a great start!

4. Point Out Reckless Drivers

One of the main rules of driving is to always watch out for other drivers. As a driver, you worry about others, not about yourself. Have you ever had a moment where you were driving, some reckless driver ran a red light, and you were thinking to yourself, “Man, where’s a cop when you need one?”

That’s where your dashcam comes in. As you drive, you’ll be recording all of the reckless driving you see on the streets. For the cases of actual danger, you should report these drivers to the police. It’s better to get the police involved than to wait for a serious accident to happen.

5. Prevent Fraudulent Activity

We’ve all seen the videos of people walking on the street as a car approaches, but when the car slows down, the pedestrian jumps in front of the car and purposely gets hit by the car. It’s a common occurrence in a lot of cities and a very valid concern for most drivers. If you haven’t seen this before, click here or search up “car insurance scam”

What happens is that as you’re driving, someone will walk out onto the street and purposely get hit by your car. This is usually done when your car is going at relatively low speeds so that the perpetrator doesn’t get injured. They’ll either wait for you to accidentally bump into them or they’ll fall towards your car. Then they’ll tell you to pay them or they’ll call the cops.

Just remember, if something like this happens and you don’t have a dashcam, be sure to call the cops regardless. Then take photos of the scene and ask any nearby witnesses to stay so that they can confirm your story.

6. Experience Once-In-A-Lifetime Moments

It’s not always easy to take out your phone and catch a moment that passes you by in mere seconds. It’s even worse when you’re driving and you don’t have any hands. A dashcam has the potential to capture some of the most spontaneous moments that will ever happen to you.

One prime example is the Russian driver who caught footage of a meteor as it fell out of the sky. That’s not something that happens every day, but you can be sure that the driver wouldn’t have captured that moment if he didn’t have a dashcam. The convenience and ease of it is reason enough to install a camera in your car.

7. Insurance Cost Savings

Having a dashcam can save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money. While you’re not going to get a discount for your auto insurance if you have a dashcam, the footage of your crash can go a long way in clearing you of any accidents that you didn’t commit.

For most insurance claims, it’s often a he-said/she-said situation that leads to the insurance agents looking at other factors, such as where the crash occurred, where the car was hit, etc. With dashcam footage, you won’t be blamed for accidents that weren’t your fault, which will keep your insurance premium down to a minimum. It will also speed up processing times between insurance companies, which are notorious for moving at a snail’s pace.

8. Reap Additional Benefits

Dashcams have the potential to be so much more than just cameras. In 2014, Ford and Intel teamed up to develop an interior-facing camera within a car that can tailor the driving experience for whoever is behind the steering wheel. Through facial recognition, the goal was to automate a customized driving experience. While this hasn’t made its way to the consumer market yet, it’s a great look into the potential that dashcams have to offer.

But that doesn’t mean we’re far away from that future. Some dashcams already have features like audible notifications and GPS that makes your life a whole lot easier.

Certain brands, such as BlackVue, even offers cloud support on their dashcam. This allows the dashcam to back up all of its content over the cloud and to give you access to the cam in real-time. With these additional benefits, you can keep track of your car and its whereabouts at all times.

A Dashcam Fit For You

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